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  • A No Bull Keynote Address
    by Steve Farber - February 24, 2017
    Standing as the keynote speaker in a room filled with CEOs and board chairs can feel a little like being a matador in a bullfight – it seems like a great idea until you’re actually there. Fortunately, the CEOs and board chairs at the CUES symposium were of the friendly variety. No horns, or, as they call them in American rodeo, no clown stabbers. These were hard-working, smart leaders eager to learn and looking...
  • Use This Checklist To Measure Your Work Satisfaction & Boost Career Success
    by Louise Garver - February 24, 2017
    “The world of work ain’t what it used to be. The long-held contract between employers and employees has been ruptured. Since we can no longer rely on “the company” for security, it must come from within. For people who know who they are and what they’re called to do, it will be a world of great opportunity. For those who continue to define themselves in terms of the expectations and opinions of ot...
  • 2017 Can Be Your Best Year Yet, Just Follow These 3 Steps
    by Steve Farber - February 23, 2017
    A pessimist found an optimist doing some yard work and started a conversation with his good-natured friend. “Last year was awful,” he said. “What do you think 2017 will bring?” “I think it will bring flowers,” said the smiling optimist. “Really,” said the pessimist. “What makes you think that?” “Because I’m planting flowers,” the optimist...
  • You Were Laid Off, Stop Saying You Were Fired
    by Debra Wheatman - February 23, 2017
    Being involuntarily separated from your employer can be devastating. Not only are there worries about finances, but there are concerns about how quickly you can find a new job, and how to position the separation. If you’ve been hit with a layoff—as has been the case for many productive, valuable employees since the early 1990s—I have one consistent piece of advice for you. Stop using the word “fired&rdq...
  • #Goal: To-Do List Zero
    by Lindsey Pollak - February 22, 2017
    Some productivity zealots are obsessed with “inbox zero,” but you might also be looking to conquer “to-do list zero.” Whether you’re a to-do list app aficionado, a “write it down so you can cross it off” type, you’ve jumped down the “bullet journal” rabbit hole, or you’re super Type-A like me and buy graph paper notebooks so you can make little boxes to put c...
  • How to Successfully Leave Your Job
    by Marshall Goldsmith - February 22, 2017
    Transitions such as quitting one job for another opportunity or retiring from your current career are usually far harder than we imagine. It’s easy to talk about letting go, but when the time comes, it’s hard to do. The emotional aspect of departing is difficult to fathom, but at a recent meeting I attended, a marketing exec put the dilemma in succinct terms to a group of us. She said, “My job was my best...
  • The Truth About Open Offices and Standing Desks on Workplace Productivity
    by Alexandra Levit - February 22, 2017
    I’ve never liked open offices. Never. I remember the first time my CEO announced that we’d all be giving up our private offices. A part of me felt like I was about to lose my home. The next step? Goodbye cubicles. Now, we all sat together like one big, happy family, and any illusion that you could have a confidential conversation or crash on a deadline without interruption was shattered. I wonder sometimes if the o...
  • The Best Ways To Earn Money By Working From Home
    by Caroline Dowd-Higgins - February 21, 2017
    This blog was contributed by Reanne Brian. The stay at home job market has boomed astronomically in recent years. What used to conjure up images of miserable looking people stuffing envelopes for hours on end is now a legitimate and lucrative option for many people. The popularity of the Internet for conducting business is one of the leading factors in the rise in numbers of people working from home. Previously, all busines...
  • Attract Employers Through Networking, Expertise
    with Debra Feldman and Tim Muma - February 17, 2017
    Effective networking doesn't come from simply chatting up as many people as you can to tell them how great you are or what type of job you're seeking. Executive talent agent Debra Feldman stresses the need to attract others to recognize your skills, experience, and expertise. She tells Tim Muma that who you speak to and how you grab their attention matters as much as anything else when on the hunt for a new job or career.
  • Career Roadmaps: Do You Have One?
    by Georgia Adamson - February 17, 2017
    Baseball legend Yogi Berra said a lot of things that caught people’s attention. One of the most famous was: “If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.” When applied to your career, that has a special meaning. Do you know where it’s going? Roadmaps figure in many different situations, not only for actual travel on the road but in less physically specific settings,...